February 2020

In a world where leaving a product review is only a few clicks away from a smartphone, it’s vital for your products to arrive on your consumers’ doorsteps in mint condition. Delivering damaged goods can result in negative backlash regarding the quality of your products and affect your reputation as a company.
There is much to consider when storing and shipping heavy duty items, especially when it comes to the packaging! There are many risks associated with shipping heavy duty items including product damage, workplace injuries and customer complaints. Heavier shipments are more likely to be moved with forklifts rather than manually and might switch delivery vehicles or planes several times on the way to further destinations.
Protection, presentation and efficiency are vital when it comes to mail packaging for books. Although they might seem like sturdy items to post, there’s still the risk they’ll get knocked about during transit.
Unidrive is an established manufacturer of automotive driveline componentry and equipment. The company has a history dating back as far as 1953, supplying parts across the automotive, mining, transport, agricultural and civil construction industries. One of Unidrive’s main clients over the years included GM Holden in the USA.

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