Shipping Books? A Guide to Good Book Packaging

Protection, presentation and efficiency are vital when it comes to mail packaging for books. Although they might seem like sturdy items to post, there’s still the risk they’ll get knocked about during transit.

To make sure you’re optimising your book packaging in every way to avoid damage and appeal to customers, take a look at the following guide:

1. Protective & Secure

Whether the books you’re sending are soft or hard back, they need to be properly packaged so they reach the end customer in perfect condition. If books aren’t packaged up securely, they are susceptible to damage or getting torn. Corrugated cardboard is one of the most popular choices for mail packaging and for a good reason! Its two barrier design is extremely secure, keeping any fragile items protected during long periods of shipping and handling.

2. Sustainable

Good first impressions are a must. Don’t forget to align your packaging with your brand! More people are switching to greener choices every day, so when it comes to your mail packaging, you might want to think again before opting for plastic alternatives. Choosing recyclable materials that won’t end up in landfill is a sure way to appeal to customers while broadening your market by considering those who are more environmentally conscious.

3. Appearance

While secure, protective packaging should be your top priority, it’s also worthwhile to make your mailer packs stand out by focusing on the design. In a world that’s growing evermore competitively across all industries, good first impressions with customers are a must. This can be done by aligning your packaging with your brand colours and logo or creating an ‘unboxing’ experience!

4. Easy-to-Open

Using a ‘tear stripe’ on your book mailer packaging is the perfect solution to keeping your packaging secure and easy for customers to open!All mailer packaging should be secure but not so much that customers struggle to open its contents. If you add too many layers of protective packaging, making it difficult to undo, customers are at risk of damaging the book inside. Your packaging should be streamlined and easy to tear at the seams to reduce this risk.

5. Cost Effective

The more packaging you use, the heavier your items will become which can really amp up postal costs when sending them out to customers. Instead of piling more packaging on to protect your books, ensure that the packaging is tightly compact. This will not only prevent the books from moving around and protect them from internal damage but also keeps postal costs at a minimal fee. 

6. Custom Made

Whether you’re posting textbooks, paperbacks or even comic books, customising your packaging guarantees you’ll receive the best solution for your particular products’ needs. Custom made packaging takes into account size, shape and weight of your products to keep costs low and also considers printing and design options to communicate your brand as soundly as possible. Your mailer design can also cater for the need to ship differing sizes and quantities of books on the one multi mailer pack.

As your packaging and manufacturing partner, at PPI our in-house designers and packaging engineers can help refresh your current packaging or design a completely new solution. Connect with us or call us on 1800 25 8000 to book your FREE initial packaging consultation.

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