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PPI Create Packaging


Problem solvers at heart, our team of experienced packaging designers will work with you to create a customised packaging solution that meets your every requirement.

Using state of the art CAD design equipment, our in-house team works from a purpose-built studio, consulting closely with you and your business to create your ideal product packaging or display solution.

From a concept, to a CAD drawing, to a full scale cardboard sample, your customised packaging solution is quickly and expertly designed and produced under one roof, ready for testing.

Our team of experts will work in partnership with you to engineer your ideal packaging solution. Let our design and engineering team guide you through the process towards achieving your ultimate packaging outcome. 

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In creating and engineering your packaging design, our team considers:

  • The solution required to house your product
  • Any issues associated with previous packaging
  • Your budget for the project
  • Quantities of the run to be produced
  • Product endurance and the type of printing (if applicable)
  • Best manufacturing approach
  • Innovative alternatives or styles - stepping outside of the box…

Custom Packaging DesignEngineered Packaging Solutions

Packaging design options are infinite, but time and money are not, therefore the main priority of our design team is to create a packaging solution that ‘ticks all your boxes’.

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