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Have you ever shipped off an order anticipating a positive review, only to find out the product was damaged in transit? Unfortunately, when it comes to packaging, you get what you pay for. The risks to your brand reputation – and bottom line – associated with using off-the-shelf
Packaging isn’t just something that holds your product. It can be an experience, a journey and an opportunity to stand out on the shelves – which could help to increase your sales. Packaging is often the first thing a consumer sees and it’s sometimes what attracts them to your product in the first place. Moreover though, packaging can also be the deciding factor in the consumer’s journey.
Most of us have experienced it… we see something we want to buy and it’s housed in a luxurious package that you just don’t want to tear or destroy. You know you have a good product in your hands when the unboxing process is an experience to behold - so beautiful, that you wish someone else was there to share the moment.
Packaging your products for shipping can quickly become an expensive and strenuous task, especially if your products vary in size.
Do you need to freight fragile, odd-shaped or even hazardous items? Need to solve a logistics problem?
Creating packaging for the automotive component industry requires more than just a cardboard box. The rigours of road, sea and air freight place severe forces, repetitive movements...
When considering packaging and shipping solutions for your products, there are many factors to take into consideration; will your product be adequately protected during transit, is it easy for stockists to unpack and load onto the shelf, will it be well presented and merchandised to ensure optimum exposure for your product?
Ever been abused by a customer because their delivery did not arrive at the correct destination? Or the delivery was received, only to arrive covered in dints and marks or worse, the product was damaged during transit and now needs to be replaced?
In a world where the overuse of paper-based products is often deemed environmentally inconsiderate, corrugated cardboard remains the predominant packaging material of choice for many consumer industries and big brands – even for environmentally conscious companies. Why is that, you ask? There are various reasons for this. Corrugated cardboard is incredibly versatile and customisable, and provides a high level of protection at low cost that just cannot be beaten by most alternatives.
In recent years, innovation in corrugated packaging solutions has meant that superfluous layers of packaging material can now be eliminated, with the solution still delivering equal if not greater levels of structural durability and protection to the products housed inside.

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