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Corporate gifting is the act of giving a present to an employee or client as a means of establishing or maintaining a good relationship. These gifts are simple to give, but the impact they have can be substantial – receiving a gift is a fun experience that will create a positive association between the receiver and the individual or brand responsible for the gift.
According to independent research from GroupM, Ecommerce sales in Australia skyrocketed by 277 percent in 2020. Another report from Forbes indicates that similar trends will continue throughout 2021 and beyond, with estimated global sales of $4.2 trillion by the end of the year.
Plastic is ubiquitous in the modern world and around 8 billion kilograms of it flows into the ocean every year. Around 40% of plastic produced is used for packaging. It is usually used once and then discarded. In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the pitfalls of pollution, this level of waste has become untenable.
Beacon Lighting needed a standout premium retail display that would match the caliber of GE and Google, two high-end and well-known brands with prestige reputations.
Mindful Life is a bespoke brand of beautiful skincare products for babies and children made using only the finest ethically-sourced, naturally derived and cruelty free ingredients.
2020 was a year of rapidly changing demands and challenges for the packaging industry. However, the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic has also created an e-commerce boom spurring innovation in packaging design, strategy and technology.
Smart packaging is a huge trend sweeping the industry, linking the physical world with the virtual world and adding value and efficiency for customers at the same time.
Personalised marketing is one of the biggest business trends in the world right now. Whether it’s a suggested playlist based on your most listened to songs or a reminder that you’ve forgotten an item at the checkout - brands can now deliver highly targeted content to their consumers, using algorithms, cookies and data collection.
With the ever-expanding eCommerce sector, it’s important to continually think of ways of making your brand more noticeable and boost sales! Frequently changing your product packaging is just one of the approaches you can take which can be extremely worthwhile for your business. It’s a great solution for grabbing the attention of new customers or keeping current ones on their toes!
Multi-product packaging is the practice of placing multiple, or a range of products into one box or package.


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