5 Reasons Why Bespoke Product Packaging is Important 

Published 5 October 2023 | Article
5 Reasons Why Bespoke Product Packaging is Important1

In the era where consumers are increasingly transitioning to online shopping, product packaging and the unboxing experience it creates for a customer have become a significant part of the marketing funnel.  

Packaging that’s protective, on-point with the brand identity and adds value to the product will go a long way in ensuring brand loyalty and thus, customer retention. 

Bespoke packaging is difficult to get right, however, not impossible. It demands a strong foundation of brand values and story, as well as ace execution to bring the intended benefits to the business. 

At PPI, our highly trained and experienced designers have worked closely with many businesses to produce custom packaging that succeeds. Our approach, from innovation until final production, binds in all the factors that ensure and add to the success of our clients’ businesses. 

Contact us today to begin your journey into packaging-driven success for your business. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of bespoke packaging in ensuring customer retention, product success and business growth. 

1. Packaging is the new shop front! 

There are two focal points in the shopping experience for online consumers: 

A seamless and (user-friendly design) that makes the product discoverable and presents it in a manner that excites the shoppers from the very beginning of their purchase journey. It convinces and wins the initial trust of new customers. 

For digital shoppers, the experience becomes tangible only once the parcel arrives at their door. It may be the final, however, it is also the most important stage in their purchase journey. It encompasses the trial, validation, and decision-making steps of a conventional retail experience. 

The way a package arrives and what it presents to the customers has a significant bearing on their future relationship with the business or product. 

2. Communicating Your Brand and Differentiation 

To an audience that cares about the product but is hesitant about the brand, bespoke packaging can help communicate the story and values with which your business operates.  

Strong and consistent branding across all channels (including on packaging) plays an instrumental role in winning customers’ trust.  

In the competitive landscape of customer acquisition, businesses selling the same or similar products often struggle to define and showcase their unique selling points. 

This is where custom packaging adds value to the product and allows brands to distinguish themselves from the competitors. Bespoke packaging reinforces the brand identity, thus, making it recognizable amongst consumers over time. 

A particular color, font, mascot and/or other visual elements quickly become associated with a brand and thus, recognizable by their audience. Whether it’s a digital ad or a physical hoarding, customers begin to spot the brand cues and develop a sense of familiarity through repeated exposure.  

Creating a memorable impression on customers feeds into behaviors that foster loyalty and high retention rate. 

3. Why Unboxing Matters? 

Online shopping is limited, in the sense, that it essentially cannot replicate the experience of shopping in person. Advancements in tech have come close to bridging this difference, however, it is still significant. Therefore, online retailers must work harder to stay relevant among their target audience. 

With these limitations and the high level of competition, packaging is an underrated tool often not leveraged to the advantage it can truly offer to brands and businesses. 

There is a delayed physical interaction with the product, for online consumers. This is when they finally experience the release of endorphins, associated with shopping – which conventionally happens much sooner.  

This anticipation, coupled with the added value of custom and interactive packaging can prove to be very fruitful. It will create a lasting positive impression on your consumers by generating neuro responses of happiness and satisfaction. Thus, fostering brand loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases. 

In fact, one of the social media trends that has consistently remained popular and is widely used by influencers to invite purchases while promoting brands is “unboxing” videos. 

4. Informed Consumerism 

Packaging waste has long been regarded as a significant contributor to plastic pollution. 

The shift in buying behavior, toward environmentally conscious brands and businesses is prevalent in the way Millennials and Gen Z shop. 

While packaging that’s safe for the environment is a worthy consideration by itself, it becomes even more relevant when a majority of your users base their purchasing decisions on this factor. 

Research has shown that digital shoppers are willing to invest both time and money in engaging with businesses that align with their personal values. Today’s consumers, no longer want to contribute to the problem or continue with behaviors that worsen it.   

Instead, they want to make decisions that are conscious and reassuring that they are playing their part in saving the planet. 

5. Protective Packaging 

Unique products require unique packaging for many reasons. However, we cannot underestimate the most important reason for packaging’s existence: to protect the product during transportation.  

With packaging, there is no “one type, that fits all”. Custom packaging is built keeping the product design requirements and potential threats in mind.  

It plays an important role in ensuring the quality and state in which a product is delivered to its final destination. If the product is damaged or if it moves around during delivery – it will likely reach the customer in an unpresentable manner. Thus, resulting in the likelihood of losing that customer. 

Just as you are unlikely to shop at a store where the display game is poor, customers are unlikely to shop with a business again that’s already sent them damaged goods once. 

Another important reason for custom protective packaging is to avoid the costs associated with damaged goods, which have a significant financial bearing on businesses. Goods damaged during delivery will not be claimed by customers nor retailers, resulting in loss of business as well as unusable inventory! 

In summary, bespoke packaging is not merely a means to deliver a product; it’s a strategic tool that contributes to customer satisfaction, loyalty and business growth. By investing in customised packaging solutions, businesses can create a memorable and positive customer journey that pays dividends in the form of higher retention rates and increased success. 

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