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When sourcing shipper boxes for distribution across multiple locations, the primary considerations are how much protection they’ll provide and how economically they can be shipped. We understand this, which is why PPI has a large range of off-the-shelf shipper boxes that are fit for multiple purposes. You can also call on us to customise shipper boxes for you if you have particular needs regarding size and branding. Connect with us today to find out how we can create the perfect packaging solution for you.

Types of packaging for creative industries & printers



  • Ensures safe delivery
  • Protects brand reputation
  • Speeds up packing process
  • Reduces the cost of Damage

Packaging is the first and most important barrier against damage when items are in transit, so make sure the packaging you choose has great protective capabilities. At PPI, all our packaging has product protection at the forefront of our design, find out more here.



  • Represents your brand through custom design
  • Helps you sell more products in a retail environment
  • Makes your product stand out
  • Optimises design for ease of packing

Getting your product to stand out in a crowded retail environment is key to attracting new customers, so differentiate your product from competitors through custom branded packaging. PPI’s retail packaging can help creative industries and printers improve the on-shelf appeal of their products.


Product display

  • Optimises design for ease of assembly
  • Flat packs for economical shipping
  • Fast tracks sales
  • Represents your brand through custom design

A product display can be a simple way to separate your product from competitors and draw the eyes of potential customers with ease. Our custom product displays enhance your brand and helps your product stand out, learn more here.


Gift box

  • Ensures product is delivered in original condition
  • Replaces unsustainable plastic/foam inserts
  • Creates great unboxing experience
  • Eliminates additional void-fill materials

Gift boxes are a fun way of sending products to customers with flair and are a particularly good idea for items that are commonly bought as presents for others. At PPI, we design gift boxes that are beautiful and create fun unboxing experiences, learn more here.


Cartons and Mailers

  • Economical form of shipping goods
  • Speeds up the packing and distribution process
  • Flat packs to save storage space
  • Replaces unsustainable alternatives with recyclable cardboard

Our carton and mailer packaging is designed to be fully recyclable and meet the requirements set by our clients in terms of protective capabilities, ease of packing, and well thought out unboxing. Learn more about our range of carton and mailer packaging solutions.

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