When it comes to large, cumbersome products in need of interstate or international shipping – they cannot be adequately packed in a standard stock box. Transporting industrial-grade products for export purposes requires packaging to be protective and optimised for the ease of transport. 

PPI understands the requirement of industrial packaging, so you can trust us to create a solution that is perfect for your business. We design packaging that is efficient to pack, sturdy for transport, and minimises waste created from damages.

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When it comes to industrial packaging supplies, we’re the experts

We’ve been creating packaging for Australian businesses since 1980. In that time, we’ve built a team of specialist designers, and engineers, who combine a wealth of knowledge with a ‘think outside the box’ attitude to help bring your industrial packaging solution to life. We are committed to meeting your needs as our client and ensuring your products are given the perfect packaging.

Types of industrial packaging

  • Heavy duty cardboard Boxes
  • Customised inserts
  • Composite cardboard/timber/foam packaging
  • Timber pallets/crates
  • Export Packaging

Upgrade your industrial packaging today!

Custom industrial packaging can offer great protection to large and heavy, industry-grade products which are difficult to manoeuvre during transport as well as for handling either end of the delivery.

This often leads to damages and unforeseen accidents, resulting in considerable losses for the business. Heavy-duty packaging plays an important role in protecting such products and maintaining their integrity throughout the supply chain. In addition, industrial packaging also shields the products against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors – preserving their quality over long durations of delivery.

Importantly, industrial packaging plays a role in ensuring the safety of drivers, packers, and all staff members who encounter the product by reducing the risk of accidents and/or any health hazards.

Good industrial packaging serves as insurance for businesses, it not only helps them avoid damages and injuries to staff but also empowers them to maintain their brand image and promise to customers.

FAQs for Industrial Packaging

1. Can industrial packaging be leveraged for branding and marketing?

Yes, our expert designers have plenty of experience and can help you convert your conventional industrial packaging into a marketing tool that communicates your brand values from the very first contact with your audience. We will work with you at every step of the process to produce packaging that meets all your requirements, branding and protecting the product. Yes! We can help you achieve both with one packaging solution!

2. Can PPI help me in create sustainable industrial packaging?

Yes, we specialise in sustainable packaging solutions and can help you create heavy-duty industrial packaging using environment-friendly raw materials. We are committed to sustainability and have helped many businesses in the past switch to greener packaging alternatives.

3. What is included in industrial packaging?

Industrial packaging is built to meet specific product needs, which are used on a large, industrial scale. This ranges from metals, and concrete to perishables and chemicals. These products are usually heavy weight and hazardous, therefore, they have very specific packaging requirements to be met to ensure the safety of products as well as the people handling them.

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