Large, cumbersome products in need of interstate or international shipping cannot be adequately packed in a standard stock box. When packing industrial grade products for export, you need to ensure the packaging is protective and optimised for ease of transport.

PPI understands the requirement of industrial packaging, so you can trust us to create a solution that is perfect for your business. We design packaging that is efficient to pack, sturdy for transport, and minimises waste created from damages. Request a consultation with us now to find out how we can create a suitable packaging solution for your large products.


When it comes to industrial packaging, we’re the experts

We’ve been creating packaging for Australian businesses since 1980. In that time, we’ve built a team of specialist designers, and engineers, who combine a wealth of knowledge with a ‘think outside the box’ attitude to help bring your industrial packaging solution to life. We are committed to meeting your needs as a customer and ensuring your products are given the perfect packaging.

Types of industrial packaging

  • Heavy duty cardboard Boxes
  • Customised inserts
  • Composite cardboard/timber/foam packaging
  • Timber pallets/crates
  • Export Packaging

Industrial packaging case studies and articles

Case study

Unidrive’s Journey to Streamlined & Recyclable Packaging

Unidrive is an established manufacturer of automotive driveline componentry and equipment. The company has a history dating back as far as 1953, suppl...


Our capabilities & process

  • In-house design & manufacturing
  • State of the art machinery
  • Warehousing & stock management


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  • Design guidelines
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