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Packaging for building and home products needs to minimise damage in transit, stand out in a retail environment, and include specific packaging features to meet industry standards. Products within the building and home category can often be fragile, large, and awkwardly shaped, so it’s a good thing that PPI loves a challenge. We offer superior design capabilities and a more collaborative experience for clients who want a say in the final packaging solution for their products, we can also offer storage space if your business needs extra room to store your packaging. Connect with us now to learn more about how we can add value to your business through packaging.

Types of packaging for building & home products



  • Reduces fragile product damage during transport
  • Speeds up packing process with custom inserts
  • Minimises costs and brand damage associated with product returns
  • Replaces foam/plastic inserts with sustainable cardboard

Securing your product in its packaging and minimising the potential damage that can be done to it in transit is the most effective way to maintain your business’ reputation and reduce costs. At PPI, we create custom protective packaging that has been proven to reduce damage, find out more here.


Retail product

  • Makes your product stand out from the crowd
  • Builds your brand with custom design
  • Optimises design to protect your product in-store
  • Helps you sell more product

Catching the eye of customers is key to making sales in a retail environment, and the most effective way to do this is through clever custom packaging. PPI’s retail packaging can improve the on-shelf appeal of your building and home products, learn more here.



  • Provides a custom solution for heavy products
  • Promotes and Protects products of any shape or size
  • Minimises costs associated with product damage
  • Customised inserts for maximum protection

For large, cumbersome products, custom industrial packaging can help reduce the packing time, make handling easier, and provide superior protection in transit. At PPI, we’re the experts in industrial packaging, find out more here.


Product display

  • Optimises design for ease of assembly
  • Flat packs for economical shipping
  • Represents your brand with custom designs
  • Fast tracks your sales

For smaller building and home products, product displays can be a fantastic way to make your product stand out from the crowd as they physically separate it from the competition. PPI creates custom product displays that enhance you brand and catch the eyes of customers, find out more here.


Cartons and Mailers

  • Economical form of shipping goods
  • Speeds up the packing and distribution process
  • Flat packs to save storage space
  • Replaces unsustainable alternatives with recyclable cardboard

Our carton and mailer packaging is designed to be fully recyclable and meet the requirements set by our clients in terms of protective capabilities, ease of packing, and well thought out unboxing. Learn more about our range of carton and mailer packaging solutions.

Building and home products case studies and articles

Case study

IXL Appliances

IXL Appliances is an industry leader and innovator in home appliances. Since 1858, IXL has been synonymous with the highest quality heat, light and ve...

Production Packaging Innovations designed protective inserts for IXL Appliances’ iconic Tastic bathroom heat lights and saved IXL thousands in future damaged products.

Case study

Beacon Lighting

Beacon Lighting needed a standout premium retail display that would match the caliber of GE and Google, two high-end and well-known brands with presti...

PPI created a standout retail display for Beacon Lighting’s new smart lighting starter kit.


Packaging Aesthetic Perfection

Sussex Taps are leading innovators of premium, perfectly precise and aesthetic design artistry. Hidden away in their unsuspecting Northern Melbourne s...

Precision, beauty & function combined; Melbourne based Sussex Taps were on a mission to ensure their product was consistently reaching their customers in perfect condition. They approached PPI with a need to improve yet simplify their existing logistics packaging solution, sparking an ongoing partnership.

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  • In-house design & manufacturing
  • State of the art machinery
  • Warehousing & stock management


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