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Whether you’re selling food and beverages in a retail environment or via ecommerce, you need packaging that protects your product, enhances you brand and increases your product’s appeal. At PPI we specialise in custom cardboard packaging and work in collaboration with you to create the right packaging for your product. 

Connect with us today to find out more about how we can create a great packaging solution for your business. 

Types of packaging for food & beverage



  • Ensures safe delivery 
  • Minimises cost of damage 
  • Protects your brand reputation 
  • Speeds up the packing process

Food and beverage products are often fragile, especially when they’re fresh or come in glass bottles. PPI can create custom protective packaging to ensure your food and drink products remain safe whether they’re on the shelf or in transit. Find out more about our protective capabilities here. 


Retail product

  • Enhances your branding on the packaging 
  • Helps sell more product 
  • Elevates consumer experience 
  • Makes your product stand out

Make your food or beverage products stand out in a retail setting with custom retail packaging. PPI can create designs that both enhance your branding and make your product look more appealing on the shelf. Find out more about our retail packaging here.


Gift box

  • Creates great unboxing experience 
  • Eliminates additional void-fill materials 
  • Replaces foam/plastic inserts 
  • Ensures product delivered in original condition

The most exciting part of receiving a gift is opening it, so a well-designed gift box optimised for a perfect unboxing experience is a must. At PPI, we use custom cardboard inserts and printing to create unique gift boxes for an unforgettable unboxing experience. Learn more about our gift boxes here.


Product display

  • Fast tracks your sales 
  • Optimises design for ease of assembly 
  • Flat packs for economical shipping 
  • Represents your brand with custom designs 

The most effective way to make your food and beverage products stand out is to separate them from the pack with custom product displays. PPI creates product displays that enhance your brand and gain the attention of potential customers. Discover our product displays here. 


Cartons and Mailers

  • Speeds up the packing and distribution process 
  • Economical form of shipping goods 
  • Flat packs to save storage space 
  • Replaces unsustainable alternatives with recyclable cardboard

Our carton and mailer packaging is designed to be fully recyclable and meet the requirements set by our clients in terms of protective capabilities, ease of packing, and well thought out unboxing. Learn more about our range of carton and mailer packaging solutions. 

Top Trends for Food and Beverage Packaging

The food and beverage industry is competitive, with many brands selling the same or similar products and sharing shelf space in supermarkets and/or targeting the same customer online.  

A consumer is likely to interact with your packaging and advertisement before the product itself. Since it is the first point of contact, it must stand out and leave a lasting impression, so the customer remembers to purchase your product when the time (and need) arises.  

We have listed below some of the top considerations by our packaging experts when determining the look and feel of food and beverage packaging. 


Get out of your “Color Zone”  

It is common for competitors within an industry to have similar branding. At times, it is a tactic to confuse consumers by attempting to blur the differentiation among brands. Other times, it is done to simply copy what seems to be working for another business in the industry. 

This can result in products camouflaging on the shelves and/or the consumer confusing one brand as another. This is particularly common in food and beverage packaging.  

Therefore, to sufficiently communicate your brand and differentiation – it is recommended to step away from the range of colors that are popular for your product category. This will not only elevate your shelf presence but also trigger quick brand recognition among your consumers. 


Think Sustainable Packaging 

The concerns for climate and environmental safety are rising. These have led to a unique shift in what consumers prefer. 

The new-age consumers are informed and sensitive, they want to minimise through their choices – further deterioration of natural resources.  

Plastic packaging is one of the top polluters in the world – food wrappers and drink bottles are two of the biggest categories of plastic packaging. 

The rate at which it decomposes is far slower than at which it is being increasingly used. As a result, it ends up in landfills and oceans – severely impacting our ecosystems.   

This has led to an increase in demand and preference for sustainable packaging by consumers who are becoming highly conscious of how their consumption impacts the planet. 

Food & beverage case studies and articles

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PPI created custom protective packaging for Ned Australian Whisky, a premium whisky distilled in Campbellfield, Victoria.

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PPI created vibrant custom packaging for Just a Glass Australia’s vegan piccolo wines.

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