Explore packaging solutions for health, beauty & wellness

Appealing packaging is essential in the health, beauty, and wellness industry as customers will generally only trust brands that look good on the shelf. You need custom, printed packaging within this industry to differentiate yourself from others and add value to your product in the minds of consumers. At PPI, we have a team of designers who are experts in created brand appropriate packaging that stands out, connect with us today to find out how we can enhance your packaging.

Types of packaging for health, beauty & wellness


Retail product

  • Helps sell more product
  • Makes your product stand out
  • Adds on-shelf appeal
  • Enhances branding on packaging

Effective packaging can help fast-track sales in a retail environment by differentiating your product from competitors and enhancing its perceived value. We create custom retail packaging to help brands stand out in, find out how here.


Gift box

  • Creates unforgettable unboxing experience
  • Ensures product delivered in original condition
  • Replaces unsustainable plastic/foam inserts
  • Eliminates additional void-fill materials

The unboxing experience is the most exciting part of receiving a gift, so make it exceptional by investing in a custom gift box. At PPI, we use custom inserts and our printing capabilities to make each unboxing experience unique, find out more here.


Product display

  • Fast tracks sales
  • Represents your brand with custom designs
  • Optimises design for ease of assembly
  • Flat packs for economical shipping

Separate your product from the pack with a custom-made product displays, doing this will help boost the sales of your beauty, health, and wellness products. We design product displays that enhance your brand and get attention, discover our product displays here.



  • Protects your brand reputation
  • Ensures safe delivery
  • Minimises costs associated with damage
  • Speeds up packing process

Breakage can happen when fragile items are put through transit, protective packaging minimises this damage by using custom inserts that keep your product secure. PPI can create packaging to keep your product safe, find out how here.


Cartons and Mailers

  • Creates a branding opportunity
  • Ensures eCommerce products are delivered in original condition
  • Speeds up the packing and distribution process
  • Economical form of shipping goods

Our custom carton and mailer packaging is designed to perfectly fit your product’s dimensions, include printed branding, and made from sturdy material, whilst providing a memorable unboxing experience for the customer.

Health, beauty and wellness case studies and articles

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Mindful Life – The finest naturally derived skincare for babies and children

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Model Megan Gale launched skincare and wellness startup Mindful Life in early 2019.

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