Step one in selling your product in a retail environment is getting your product noticed by the customer. In an environment where you’ll be competing for attention with many other brands, the best way to stand out is to showcase your product with product displays.

Custom display stands designed by PPI are a sure way of standing out from the crowd. Our designers will work with you to create a stand that shows off your products and stays true to your brand.

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When it comes to product displays, we’re the experts

We’ve been creating packaging for Australian businesses since 1980. In that time, we’ve built a team of specialist designers, and engineers who combine a wealth of knowledge with a ‘think outside the box’ attitude to help bring your product display to life. We are committed to meeting your needs as a customer and ensuring your products are given the perfect packaging.

Types of display packaging

  • Floor Displays
  • Counter Displays
  • End of Isle Displays
  • Hangsell Displays
  • Window Displays

How to make the most out of your display packaging

Product display packaging interacts with your customers, before the product itself. It is the first point of contact between the brand and the retail shopper that can convert them to customers.

Therefore, like any other marketing tactic – your custom cardboard display boxes require thought and attention to detail. This is essential to succeed in a space crowded with your competitor’s product displays.  

  • Think Designer Packaging Boxes

When it comes to product display – design plays many important roles. Thoughtful use of color and fonts, along with structuring can bring your hero product to its much-deserved spotlight. Thus, attracting customers to make the purchase. 

A thorough market research of your audience’s preference, along with studying popular display packaging trends within your industry is a good place to start.

Incorporating a fine blend of elements associated with your product and consciously designing the box to still stand out from the rest – is how PPI creates unique custom cardboard packaging displays.

However, our design expertise extends beyond the look and feel of the designer boxes for packaging. We ensure that any display product packaging we design for our clients is also sturdy, and easy to transport and assemble.

We know how important it is for product displays to always look pristine and crisp. Our team is well-trained and experienced in using sustainable materials to create designer packaging boxes that can withstand any impacts during delivery, handling and/or from shoppers themselves.

A good product display must stand out but also be able to withhold any potential damages so it’s always presentable for the customers.  

  • Be Clever with Product Placements 

How your products will be placed in the display packaging is of utmost importance.

Therefore, display packaging must be designed keeping product placement in mind. The range and number of products in one display stand should be pre-determined to avoid cluttering the packaging later.

Pro tip: minimal products are the way to go when deciding how many must be paired together in a display stand. Too many products will confuse the customer. A great product display stand consists of a thoughtful design and concise range of products, allowing the customers to focus on the featured items.

Additionally, lighting, props and other design functionalities can be used to boost the placement of your products within a display packaging box.  

Product display solutions case studies and articles

Case study

Beacon Lighting

Beacon Lighting needed a standout premium retail display that would match the caliber of GE and Google, two high-end and well-known brands with presti...

PPI created a standout retail display for Beacon Lighting’s new smart lighting starter kit.

Our capabilities & process

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  • State of the art machinery
  • Warehousing & stock management


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