If you’re looking for shipping container bulkheads for moving bulk commodities that are low weight, provide superior strength, and allow for fast, single-person installation, you’ve come to the right place. Our unique, patented bulkhead models are designed to mould to the walls of the container, which provides excellent sealing and content retention. The high rigidity and strength of our Retainer bulkheads also solves common door closure problems, and to unload all you need to do is slice the cardboard with a knife.


Bulkhead retainer applications

Designed for a large range of bulk commodity exports, our bulkhead retainers are designed for optimal protection and ease of use. Our unique design has solved common door closure problems, improved sealing, and improved the process of both packing and unloading. We have a range of bulkhead retainer options, contact us to obtain a brochure and find out more.

Types of retainer bulkheads


Single Door – Cardboard & Steel Configuration

  • Single door
  • Support beams
  • Improved sealing

Lightweight and requiring no export accreditation our newer Cardboard & Steel Single door Retainer bulkheads have adjustable support beams to assist in avoiding tie down lugs, along with a base sealing flap for improved floor sealing.


Single Door – Cardboard & Timber Configuration

  • Single door
  • Multiple piece
  • Sealing

Made to size and available in multiple heights to suit your application the Cardboard & Timber Single door Retainer bulkheads mould to the container opening for a superior seal and are also fully ISPM15 compliant.


Full Door & Custom Solutions

  • Retainer clips
  • Cotton bulkhead
  • Full door bulkhead

At PPI we can also accommodate any custom designed bulkhead you may require including our Full Door Retainer bulkhead that can retain any bulk commodity with both container doors open.


Retainer liners

  • Ideal for grain exportation
  • Manufactured from good grade material
  • Simple & economical

Quick and easy to install, retainer liners save you time and money, reducing the shipping costs of returning or upgrading containers. Retainer liners are ideal for use in conjunction with PPI’s patented retainer bulkhead products and come in pallet lots of 50. Contact us to request a copy of our brochure or to organise a consultation.

“Here at Graincorp (Melbourne) we have found the new and innovative PPI Retainer Bulkheads great, they have solved many of our past issues, including door closure problems, sealing (now no need for tape) and manual handling. The new bulkheads are lightweight and we’re able to reduce a two-person job down to one.”

— Kenneth Butler, Manager – ContainerLink