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Automotive parts require heavy duty protective packaging that can safely transport large parts and fragile items. The automotive industry has varied packaging needs, all of which PPI are able to cater to thanks to our years of experience working across multiple industries. We can also offer clients storage space if your business needs more room to store your packaging. Contact us to find out more about how we can create your perfect packaging solution.

Types of packaging for automotive products



  • Provides a custom solution for heavy products
  • Customises inserts for maximum protection
  • Minimises costs associated with product damage
  • Gives access to heavy-duty board grades

You can reduce packing time, make handling easier, and provide superior protection in transit when you invest in custom industrial packaging for automotive parts. As experts in industrial packaging, we are here to help you find the right solution. Contact us to find out more.



  • Reduces product damage during transport
  • Custom inserts speed up the packing process
  • Protects your reputation through minimising damage
  • Reduces costs associated with damaged goods

The most effective way to protect your business’ reputation and minimise losses is to prevent product damage. Our protective packaging is a proven safeguard against product damage, find out more about our capabilities here.


Retail product

  • Helps sell more product in retail environment
  • Optimises design for ease of assembly and packing
  • Represents your brand through custom design
  • Makes your product stand out with print capabilities

When placed in a retail environment, packaged products must stand out to catch the eyes of customers. Our retail packaging works to up the on-shelf appeal of your automotive products, find out how here.


Product display

  • Flat packs for economical shipping
  • Optimises design for ease of assembly
  • Fast tracks your sales
  • Represents your brand through custom design

Ideal for smaller automotive parts, product displays are a simple way to make your product stand out in a retail environment by separating it from competitor products. PPI creates great custom product displays that help move products, find out more here.


Cartons and Mailers

  • Economical form of shipping goods
  • Speeds up the packing and distribution process
  • Flat packs to save storage space
  • Replaces unsustainable alternatives with recyclable cardboard

Our carton and mailer packaging is designed to be fully recyclable and meet the requirements set by our clients in terms of protective capabilities, ease of packing, and well thought out unboxing. Learn more about our range of carton and mailer packaging solutions.

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