The rapid growth in the share of digital shoppers demands creativity on behalf of eCommerce businesses. This is important to:

  • Keep customers loyal and engaged
  • Deliver more value for money and have a competitive advantage in a crowded market

Creative packaging for e-commerce goods can help your business get an advantage and preference over your competitors.

For a customer ordering online, the first moment of contact when they receive your product after much anticipation can make or break their relationship with your brand.

Perceptions of the presentation and condition in which a product is delivered can play a key role in overall customer satisfaction and credibility of your brand. This makes getting your custom e-commerce packaging right important for customer retention and brand loyalty.

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When it comes to e-commerce packaging, we are the experts

We have been creating packaging for Australian businesses since 1980. In that time, we have built a team of specialist designers, and engineers, who combine a wealth of knowledge with a ‘think outside the box’ attitude to help bring your e-commerce packaging solution to life. We are committed to meeting your needs as our client and ensuring your products are given perfect packaging.

Types of e-commerce packaging

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Padded Mailers
  • Cardboard Shipper Box
  • Biodegradable Inserts
  • Wooden crates
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Why does the unboxing experience matter?

The unboxing experience creates an emotional pull towards the brand and product and adds to the theatre and experience. Although the unboxing experience has changed over the years, brands are more aware that keeping the unboxing experience simple, yet effective, is important. Considering the impact of cardboard, how much is used and how recyclable it is.

There’s excitement and nervous anticipation to finally receive the product as to whether it will meet the quality expectation. Customers are very impressionable in the first few moments of receiving their package. The package often reflects the brand and the quality of the product.

This presents e-commerce businesses with a unique opportunity to win some brownie points with customers by giving them an unboxing experience to remember. Something to add to their excitement while reassuring them of their purchase decision and of course impressing them with the quality.

FAQs for Industrial Packaging

1. Is it possible to have sustainable e-commerce packing?

Yes! At PPI, we have a whole team of packaging experts – specialising in sustainable packaging solutions. We are a business committed to sustainability; we understand the importance of doing right by the environment through our business practices. We are aware of the rising consumer demands for sustainable packaging from e-commerce businesses. With our expertise, we have been able to help many businesses achieve planet-friendly packaging that protects their product, aligns with their brand, and resonates with their audience.

2. Is it possible to customise e-commerce packaging?

As your official packaging partners, we will work with you to accommodate any customisation you require on your packaging. Whether it’s for a segment of customers or a special occasion, we can design and manufacture packaging to meet any particular requirements you may have.

3. Can e-commerce packaging be designed to control shipping costs?

By selecting lightweight materials for your packaging, you can control the cost of shipping products. While there are some lightweight, sustainable packaging materials that we have worked with in the past, whether they are a fit for your product can only be determined based on your industry and individual packaging requirements. Lightweight packaging materials offer varied levels of protection and may not be the most appropriate choice if your product requires heightened safeguarding during transit.

4. Can returns packaging be built into e-commerce packaging?

Yes, our designers can help you incorporate return packaging in your e-commerce packaging design – thus, making it convenient and waste-free for your customers to send any return items back to you.  

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