When selling your product in a retail environment, packaging that stands out is the key to sales and success. The packaging to reflect your brand, be eye-catching and above all entice a person to put your product in their cart. This can be achieved through the box design and printing.

Retail packaging by PPI can be trusted to make your product stand out, allowing it to shine and entice more customers.

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When it comes to retail packaging, we’re the experts

We’ve been creating packaging for Australian businesses since 1980. In that time, we’ve built a team of specialist designers, and engineers, who combine a wealth of knowledge with a ‘think outside the box’ attitude to help bring the best retail packaging solution for you to life. We are committed to meeting your needs and ensuring your products are given the perfect packaging.

Types of retail packaging

  • Shelf Ready Boxes and Trays
  • Display Boxes
  • Custom printed/branded packaging
  • Customised product packaging
  • Protective packaging inserts

Important considerations for designing retails product packaging

Retail packaging serves many purposes throughout the purchase journey:

  • Firstly, it attracts customers toward the product
  • Upon purchase, it amplifies the shopping and product experience
  • When finally unboxed, it leaves a lasting impression on the customer

Therefore, to retain brand recognition and deliver on the ‘value for money’ proposition – packaging for retail products serves an underrated but highly effective tool.

At PPI, we have helped many businesses ace their retail packaging to achieve these goals. Our team has expertise and experience from working with clients across many industries. Here are their top 3 considerations for retails product packaging: 


Make unboxing an experience 

Shopping releases endorphins and dopamine – the feel-good hormones. And this is not only limited to big, luxurious purchases. Shopping of any kind, for anything translates into joy and happiness for the shoppers.

This is a lucrative opportunity for businesses and brands to leave a lasting impression on their consumers and take advantage of their heightened receptivity post-shopping.

When the unboxing experience is amplified with added, unexpected benefits – it builds affinity towards the brand and fosters the likelihood of repeat purchases. To the customer, it creates the impression that they have received more value for their money, than otherwise.


Be Transparent 

Retail shoppers have time, but not necessarily patience. They know what they want to buy, but not exactly.

The best way retail businesses can leverage their packaging is by ensuring it gives their consumers sufficient information, in a precise manner.

This is especially applicable to clothing, skincare, food and beverage retailers. Consumers have preferences and limitations while selecting products from these categories.

Whether the product is vegan? Does it include parabens? Is it made from consciously sourced ingredients? These are some of the questions they are seeking the answers for.

The longer it takes to find out these details about a particular product, the less likely it is that the customer will buy from that brand or remember it for future purchases.


Keep your target audience in mind 

Different kinds of packaging appeals different types of consumers. However, there is sufficient data and expert advice on trends that will appeal the demographic you want to target.

Aligning your retail product packaging to the likes of your target audience is a sure-shot way of gaining popularity and boosting sales.

Fonts, materials, color-tones, tone of voice are some of the metrics that can be adjusted to achieve this goal. 

Retail product packaging case studies and articles

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