Daily Bloom prepares for Valentine’s success

Published 9 February 2024 | Case study
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Where it started for Daily Blooms

In a world that moves at a rapid pace, there’s a charm in expressing emotions through timeless gestures. Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s nice to take a moment and appreciate those we love or even for ourselves. 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Production Packaging Innovation spoke to client Courtney Ray founder of Daily Blooms about preparing for the biggest day in their calendar year, Valentine’s Day. 

Courtney started Daily Bloom in 2014, she decided on a career change from financial analyst to floristry. From getting the right qualifications, to setting up her own website, she will never forget the excitement of those first orders coming through and ten years on and Courtney has never looked back. 


Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Preparing the business for the busiest time of the year is about creating a wonderful experience for the customer and the team at Daily Blooms. Courtney said, Working hard in the months beforehand to ensure a seamless day, is a mixture of, speaking with our growers to make sure we have the best flowers on hand, creating fun and engaging marketing campaigns and building out our technology capabilities to handle the increased volume. “

Of course, it’s not all about business operations, the team makes sure to have a lot of fun along the way, with our florists creating special love song’ playlists, organising lots of home baked treats and a continuous flow of iced coffees making their way around the warehouse. 

“Our priority at Daily Blooms is making sure our customers and their loved ones have the most wonderful Valentine’s Day.  This extends from their journey on our website, through to customer service, delivery and of course ensuring that our bouquets and gifts deliver delight beyond expectations, we are only happy if our customers are happy”. 

Where there’s success, there’s a challenge

Courtney is a passionate business owner, but like every business there are challenges.

The hardest part of the floral industry is the reliance on Mother Nature. The availability of certain flower products are dependent on weather conditions. Too much rain, or too much heat can mean a whole crop is whipped out. It is incredibly challenging to predict what products we can offer and in what quantities. The sheer scale of the day is also a huge challenge. Scaling up ten times for just one day. 

“No surprises though, roses are still the most popular. People are still pretty traditional when it comes to Valentine’s Day, we have seen some slight changes in recent years, like Galentine’s Day, which is celebrated on the 13th and is more of a celebration of female friendship has really taken off. We see lots of our lucky dip bunches of dahlia’s going out on Galentine’s Day too”. Courtney advised.

Courtney’s top tips for gifting:

  1. Sweet Bakes Bundle  This pairing of a handmade Sweet Bakes cake and a stunning, seasonal bouquet is just such a nice duo!
  2. Bella’s Blooms Subscription  I think a flower subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Our flower subscription is different every time, designed by one of our florists, this is such a good way to have different fresh blooms in your house each fortnight.
  3. Bestie Bundle This is a feel-good array of gifts and blooms that is one of our best sellers for a reason. The perfect birthday gift.

The element of surprise with a pretty package

Daily Blooms has a great group of drivers delivering delights across Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, they’re always thoughtful when handling delicate bouquets or gift hamper and often they add a little extra delight with a special message requested from the customer. The whole Daily Blooms team are really determined to make the whole experience joyous. 

Daily Blooms works with local packaging producers Production Packaging and Innovation (PPI), to create thoughtful packaging solutions that are functional whilst having visual impact. A key part is that it needs to be environmentally friendly. 

“Flower and gift packaging is quite a niche area. Our requirements are very specific and we require a highly customised solution to carry our delicate and perishable products. At Daily Blooms we required specific mechanisms for holding products in place within the packaging, ventilation, display features and of course the whole thing needed to be beautiful. PPI were so great at creating this solution for us” Courtney said


“Our hamper boxes and our recently launched blooms box are bold, playful and super impactful. Our customers love them” 

As we approach Valentine’s Day on February 14th, consider surprising your loved one with a beautiful surprise, whether it is a sweet baked good, a flower subscription gift or a bestie gift pack, just make sure you spoil the one you love. 

Daily Blooms uses the Bloom Box, the cool younger friend to an e-commerce mailer. Individually styled to meet the specific case of shipping the freshest blooms to customer’s homes and workplaces. Airholes allow the blooms to breath and hand holes allow couriers to carry the blooms with ease. An insert has been designed to hold the flowers in place and ensure they are positively located and there is a card holder to ensure that everything arrives in the right place. Packaging has been supplied and custom designed by Production Packaging Solutions (PPI). 

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