From Shelf to Sale: The Importance of Branded Packaging in FMCG

Published 19 June 2024 | Article
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Popular wisdom says to never judge a book by its cover, this sentiment could not be further from the truth in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry.  

In a congested grocery market, the packaging on the box can mean the difference between a glance and being scanned at checkout. There is plenty of research to back this up, too. This is why it is so vital to understand how packaging influences brand recognition and sales. 

Learn more about what goes into creating FMCG packaging in Melbourne that wins customers’ hearts. 

How Important is Branded Packaging in FMCG?


Numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of point-of-sale (POS) marketing. This refers to promotional activities that occur when a customer makes a purchase decision. Naturally, branded packaging is key to an effective POS marketing strategy. 

What do the numbers say? 72% of U.S. consumers agree that the design of a product’s packaging influences their purchase decisions, according to a 2018 survey by market research company Ipsos. In the same study, eight in ten consumers agreed that packaging design influences their gift selection. 

However, packaging design is not the only deciding factor at the point of sale. Research suggests that 82% of consumers across various age demographics are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. Gen Z are most likely to support companies that use sustainable materials in their packaging. 

Government regulations are also influencing FMCG packaging standards. Across the country, FMCG companies are preparing for Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets. One of the 2025 targets is for all packaging made, used, and sold in Australia to be 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

The Key Elements of an Effective FMCG Packaging Design



Effective FMCG packaging is more than just a protective shell but also an outstanding brand advocate, a riveting storyteller, and an eco-conscious innovator. At Production Packaging Innovations, we have over 40 years of experience providing visually engaging, user-friendly, and durable branded FMCG packaging in Melbourne.  

By drawing from decades of knowledge and industry experience, here are the key elements that contribute to a successful FMCG packaging design. 

Brand Consistency


60% of brand management experts agree that maintaining a strong, consistent brand is important when working towards building a loyal customer base and communicating with existing customers. But what does brand consistency mean? It is about communicating to your customers in a way that is consistent with how you want your company to be perceived.  

For branded packaging, brand consistency may mean that your products follow similar design principles. Such principles dictate the tone of voice, colour palette, font, and even the use of white space. Branding guidelines enable everyone involved in the packaging design process – copywriters, graphic designers, project managers – to be on the same page. The resulting constructive collaboration increases the likelihood of achieving a unified visual message.  

And remember, brand consistency applies to all products – not just one. For instance, Apple would never betray its minimalist ethos by releasing a product with packaging that had intricately detailed illustrations and bright colours. This makes it easy for your customers to recognise who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. 

Keep it Simple

Despite what you may think, simplicity does not have to equate to a plain design. Simplicity is about emphasising the design elements that best represent your brand. For example, a brand of grapefruit juice might utilise the colours white and red/pink in their branding and packaging. The white would represent the pith, while the red/pink would represent the juicy center of the fruit. Plus, the team might use an elegant graphic of a leaf to emphasize the drink’s health benefits. 

Reducing clutter is another important aspect of simplicity. Too much visual noise can distract customers, making it harder for them to grasp what you are trying to say. Focus on using visual imagery with a clear purpose and messaging. Every design element should effectively convey your point of difference – and in a way that resonates with your customers. 

Focus on Functionality


Effective packaging does more than please the eye. When a product reaches a customer’s hands, they immediately want to know how to use it and they want the experience to be as seamless as possible. 

Studies have shown that 94% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency.  

Therefore, instructional information can tie into your branding guidelines as well. For example, a bag of chocolate confectionary with a resealable zip could have the tagline “Save me for later!” on the back of the packaging. This kind of wording plays into the fact that the product is a sweet treat – something to be enjoyed occasionally, not all at once. 

How to Get Your FMCG Packaging Right the First Time


The key to a successful FMCG packaging design is to partner with the right people. Work together with individuals who understand the creative and functional aspects of packaging. This is especially important when dealing with fast-moving consumer goods. These products typically sell quickly in large quantities and at a low cost. 

FMCGs also travel to various places, from the manufacturer to the supermarket to the customer’s home. Therefore, FMCG packaging must be durable enough to withstand rough journeys. Take for example the busy parent who accidentally goes too fast over a speedbump, causing the groceries in the boot to topple over. 

At Production Packaging Innovations, we supply FMCG packaging in Melbourne that elevates your brand and the customer experience while protecting the goods. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to manage the entire packaging journey from beginning to end under one roof. This arrangement ensures the perfect packaging outcome every time. 

Connect with us to find out how our packaging expertise can deliver outstanding results for your business. 

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