Mailer Packaging & Voidfill

Packaging your products for shipping can quickly become an expensive and strenuous task, especially if your products vary in size.

Packaging your products for shipping can quickly become an expensive and strenuous task, especially if your products vary in size. PPI’s huge range of innovative mailing products exist to save you time, hassle and costs whilst ensuring your products are safe during postage.

PPI’s range of affordable stock items include the Swiftpak book mailers. The Swiftpak mailers come in standard sizes and provide a durable, protective alternative to other mailers. You can feel confident that your goods will be delivered securely with Swiftpak.

The Twistpak range of book mailers are an ingenious product that offers great flexibility and economy. These -, protective mailers can be stored flat, are available in various sizes and depending on the size of your product can adapt to a range of product heights.

PPI’s extensive range also includes shipper cartons, mailer cartons, flat pack folders, canvas picture mailers, pallet sheets, and wine mailers.  Cardboard boxes are designed for safe shipping, tightly securing the items and protecting them from damage. Space in the box is allocated to create protective buffer zones or to add void fill such as bubble wrap and Styrofoam to protect your products in transit. The ready-to-buy products allow you to purchase items quickly with little waiting time.

Looking for Cardboard mailer packaging supplies? We’ve got you covered. From book mailers to pallet sheets, our range of mail and packaging products will help ensure your postal items are securely packed in order to reach there destination safely.

Mailers are an ideal way to ship products around Australia or overseas.

We offer a variety of mailers to pack and protect your items. With different shapes and sizes available it’s as easy as pick, pack and send!

Take a look at our full range of standard mailer cartons or download our full list of stock items.

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