5 Practical Visual Merchandising Tips to Remember

Visual Merchandising is important in every store, no matter the industry. Your shop window display and internal floor plans should be organised with the mindset of maximising sales, educating customers and promoting your products.

With more people shopping online every day, now is the time to pay close attention to your shop displays. While not every retailer has the budget to invest in show-stopping product stands and elaborate props, there are several practical techniques you can adopt to help increase your competitive advantage. Here are 5 practical tips to keep in mind when it comes to your visual merchandising:

1. Place Key Items at Eye Level

When presenting your items in store, you need to consider exactly how your customers will see your products. One of the best methods for catching customer attention is placing your items at eye level. This technique can be applied both in-store and in your window displays. This way, items are less likely to be missed and more likely to engage traffic.

2. Consider your Environment

Keep your customers informed and communicate your products with eye-catching, branded signage and/or displays.There are several tactics you can use when it comes to the layout of your store. Picture your shop environment as a blank canvas. If you stock a small product range, you may want to keep your layout minimal so customers can see everything on offer. If you sell a larger array of items, you may choose to adopt the ‘maze,’ approach (think Ikea) which entices consumers towards other products, or down a particular path of your choosing. One thing you should always remember is to put ‘afterthought’ items front and centre on your register counters at POS, to encourage those last minute, impulse purchases.

3. Branded Signage & Displays

Reinforcing brand is a key element of visual merchandising, especially when it comes to introducing customers to a new product or range.

Retail floor displays are ideal for brand communication. Not only are they versatile and eye-catching, but they can be designed to display almost any product while extending the product brand to your customers.

4. Refresh your Displays & Layout Frequently

While you might think it’s good for customers to know your store like the back of their hand, changing your displays and layout every so often gives your business the opportunity to highlight new products.

 Window displays don’t always have to be over the top! Play with proportion to offer your customers a different perspective on your product.Refreshing your shop displays doesn’t always have to be seasonal! Keep your customers on their toes with new designs and by swapping products around. This should be done most frequently with sale items to give them a fresh new look.

5. Don’t forget to get creative!

In the competitive world of retail, it’s essential to make your shop displays stand out. But remember, creativity doesn’t always have to be over the top! One of the easiest ways to catch the attention of shoppers is through your window displays. Try playing with proportion, lighting or even suspending elements to offer a different perspective on your product.

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