Custom Engineered Packaging for the Automotive Component Industry

Creating packaging for the automotive component industry requires more than just a cardboard box. 

The rigours of road, sea and air freight place severe forces, repetitive movements and vibrations on goods shipped. Most often components shipped are high value, meaning careful consideration must be taken to avoid damage and ensure the contents arrive safely at their destination.

End user experience is another factor. A well or poorly developed and constructed package leaves a long lasting impression of not just the packaging, yet product and supplier as well.

Designing packaging for the automotive component industry requires not just design capability, but packaging engineering knowhow and real world experience working with customers in the automotive industry. Whether it’s 1 to 20 composite drivelines, or 1 to 8 carbon fibre wheels you need packaged, our in-house designers and engineers have what it takes.

Take a look at some of our recently completed projects and you be the judge:

Custom Protective Packaging - Automotive Component PackagingCustom Engineered Protective Packaging

Protective PackagingProtective Packaging





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