Shipper Displays; A Superior Packaging Solution

When considering packaging and shipping solutions for your products, there are many factors to take into consideration; will your product be adequately protected during transit, is it easy for stockists to unpack and load onto the shelf, will it be well presented and merchandised to ensure optimum exposure for your product?

For all of the above reasons, shipper displays present a clever solution – a handy combination of logistics and marketing, ensuring the safe arrival of your goods, as well as providing the opportunity to determine how your product will be displayed when it arrives in-store and is placed on the shelf or counter.

Shipper displays are designed to provide protection during transit, whilst being easy to open and display upon arrival, providing not only the logistics packaging but also the cardboard display stand or counter display for the shelf or at the checkout.

Reducing double handling and increasing efficiency, these handy packages simply need to be opened and placed on the shelf in order to correctly display your products. Shipper displays are simple, cost-effective and using cardboard is better for the environment than some other packaging materials.

These convenient packages often feature tear away perforated pieces, with the stock inside being pre-packed in the stand, ready for immediate display. This removes the need to unpack stock and arrange it on the shelf, and therefore presents a much more attractive logistical and merchandising option for businesses, as well as retailers and their employees.

Shipper displays are typically designed using a lightweight, renewable and recyclable cardboard, which is reusable and easily transported.

Beyond being an attractive solution for retailers, shipper display packaging is also beneficial for increasing brand awareness. These displays can be customised to use your specific colours and include logos, high resolution images and more to further enhance the display of your product.

Production Packaging Innovations are able to provide complete design and production solutions to suit your logistics and marketing packaging needs. From an initial design meeting, a customised solution is then developed, with your packaging being completely scoped, designed, engineered and produced under the one roof.

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