Sustainability - Why Corrugated Cardboard Packaging is Still King

In a world where the overuse of paper-based products is often deemed environmentally inconsiderate, corrugated cardboard remains the predominant packaging material of choice for many consumer industries and big brands – even for environmentally conscious companies. Why is that, you ask? There are various reasons for this. Corrugated cardboard is incredibly versatile and customisable, and provides a high level of protection at low cost that just cannot be beaten by most alternatives.

But let’s delve a little deeper. Here we have outlined the main reasons why corrugated cardboard is still king:


Corrugated board is an eco-friendly packaging material, comprised of recyclable materials like used cardboard carton and old newspapers. Among the most widely recycled material globally, some corrugated board is even made from 100% recycled materials – that can’t be beaten! The average composition is from 70 to 90% recycled materials, which still beats plastic and wood packaging by a long shot.

Moreover, corrugated cardboard is often produced without the use of dyes or bleaches, further reducing its footprint and level of recyclability.

Corrugated packaging is also reusable - many times cartons are folded up and stored for use again in offices, at home and in some stores.


This recycling and reusing of corrugated cardboard has a knock-on effect, helping to reduce the energy and other resources required to produce it in the first place.

Since it is sustainably created using a high percentage of recycled materials, the energy required to produce corrugated packaging is greatly reduced. Often made from locally available recycled materials, transportation costs for manufacturing remain lower than if the materials had to be imported or freighted long distances. More benefits!

All in all, cardboard has become one of the most ‘green’ logistics packaging solutions available globally. If you are looking for an eco-friendly, yet economical packaging solution to fit your needs, ask the expert team at Production Packaging Innovations.

The specialists at Production Packaging Innovations provide premium packaging solutions to a wide range of clients across many industries. Our qualified and experienced engineers will custom design an environmentally friendly and efficient packaging solution to suit the individual requirements of your business.

As your packaging and manufacturing partner, our in-house designers and packaging engineers can help refresh your current packaging or design a completely new solution to suit your needs. Connect with us or call us on 1800 25 8000 to book your FREE initial packaging consultation.

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