Use custom packaging solutions to make the most of the online alcohol shopping boom

COVID-19 may be keeping many customers indoors and away from their favourite restaurants, bars and clubs. However, from these unprecedented times springs an unprecedented opportunity for growth within online sales of alcohol. Instead of heading out for a drink, many of our Friday nights are now being spent at home. With a whole new cohort of at-home bartenders, comes a rapidly expanding demand for alcohol delivery direct from brands.

Imagine the disappointment of ordering your favourite whisky or gin, only to discover a damaged weekend-ruining mess when it arrives at your door. That’s why custom protective packaging is an essential first step to ramping up your online alcohol offering to meet demand.

1. Alcohol is delicate cargo

Most alcohol products are packaged in delicate glass. Whether your business is focused on beer, wine, or spirits, effective protective packaging will always be key to keeping your customers happy.

By engineering custom shaped carboard inserts and protective crumple zones Production Packaging Innovations can provide you with confidence that your bottles will arrive in perfect condition.

PPI offers a variety of options shipping wine including single bottle packs, six bottle shippers and gift packs.

2. Cater your packaging to your bottle shape and your brand

Are you shipping an alcohol product with an unusual bottle? Non-standard bottle shapes can be difficult to protect with an off the shelf packaging option. Luckily the Production Packing Innovations design team is highly skilled with non-standard bottle shapes and sizes.

We also offer custom branded printing on your packaging to elevate the unboxing experience for your consumers.

PPI created this custom protective packaging for Ned Whisky’s unusual bottle shape. The custom external printing keeps this packaging ‘on brand’ and elevates the consumer’s unboxing experience.

3. Get the right packaging to claim your space in this rapidly expanding market

The custom printing on this six bottle shipper allowed PPI to create an ‘on brand’ packaging solution for Red Hill VineyardAccording to a recent report from IBISWorld, online liquor sales is a $1 billion market in Australia which continues to grow year on year. Lockdown has kicked this upward trend into overdrive with leading Australian online alcohol retailer Vinomofo reporting a 50-70% increase in sales since the beginning of lockdown.

Key players like UberEats and Tipple are claiming sections of the market as countless new customers seek drinks shipped straight to their door for the first time. It’s important to source the right packaging now so you can get a slick online offering in place and claim your brand’s slice of this boom.

4. The alcohol home delivery trend is here to stay

The direct delivery alcohol trend may be closely linked to COVID-19, but history suggests it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Back in 2003 China was facing the SARS crisis. For the first time, millions of people were turning to online shopping to supply everything they needed during quarantine.

Instead of moving back towards bricks and mortar stores post-SARS, Chinese consumers continued to shop online. This fundamental change in behaviour has translated into a $1 billion market accounting for a quarter of the country’s total retail sales volume, according to McKinsey and Company.

Custom packaging from PPI will get your alcohol products safely from warehouse to couch

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s the importance of being ready for a new way of doing things. When it comes to making the most of the online alcohol market, Production Packaging Innovations has got the custom solution you need all figured out.

At PPI, our in-house team of packaging designers and engineers will work with you to understand your packaging needs. We offer custom solutions that are economical, protective and environmentally friendly.

Connect with us or call us now on 1800 25 8000 to book your FREE initial packaging consultation in Melbourne. We’ll work to ensure your packaging requirements are met, if not exceeded.

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