Poorly Designed Logistics Packaging – Don’t Take the Risk

Ever been abused by a customer because their delivery did not arrive at the correct destination? Or the delivery was received, only to arrive covered in dints and marks or worse, the product was damaged during transit and now needs to be replaced?

These are the joys associated with shipping goods that are not correctly labelled or are shipped using a package that was not designed and engineered to house and protect your product specifically.

When items are shipped using poorly or incorrectly designed packaging, large costs can be incurred as a result of damage to the goods or loss of sale. For this reason, any business that ships goods on a regular basis should consider the money and labour that can be saved by avoiding these logistical issues altogether.

Beyond the cost of replacing the item, remember that you could also be forced to pay the price of:

  • Potentially losing the sale entirely
  • Disappointing and even losing the customer
  • Affecting your inventory and supply
  • Time spent pursuing claims for damaged goods
  • Re-delivery expenses – financial and labour-wise

That small investment in quality, custom designed logistics packaging is looking a lot more attractive now, isn’t it?

custom logistics packaging

Branded packaging is less likely to be lost; generically packaged items make delivery errors more likely to occur. Also branded packaging increases your brands’ exposure – keeping you top of mind at all times!

Quality packaging design delivers a wide range of other benefits, beyond minimising harm to the product and ensuring the safe transportation and adequate delivery of the goods.

Logistics packaging no longer has to be boring and non-descript – branded and bespoke logistics packaging means that your goods are easily identifiable and interesting, helping to maintain your product’s branding from production through to display.

Production Packaging Innovations can assist you in designing and engineering your custom logistics packaging solution.

We offer complete packaging services; with planning and packaging design, to development and final production all taking place under the one roof. The result is a custom engineered, professional and visually appealing packaging solution to suit your specific needs.

Call our friendly team today on (03) 9369 8000 for more information.

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