What To Consider For Your Next Trade/Sample Kit?

Published 7 September 2023 | Article
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A trade/sample kit is how businesses, especially manufacturers showcase their products for quality checks and industry feedback to potential clients. This is the first representation of a new brand or product to a wider audience. 

Therefore, it is important that the sample kit leaves a lasting first impression on potential future customers to ensure its success.  

Position your product as an accessible and reliable solution to a problem or need, in a manner that is clear and easy to comprehend. This way, the first few users are likely to convert into early buyers and ambassadors for the product. 

This will help your business kick off a new product in the market and ensure go-to-market success.  

Trade/sample kits are a common pre-launch practice in industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Their purpose is to demonstrate key features, such as flavors, function, design and why the product is suitable for the target audience – allowing the customers to test them firsthand.  

Our team of highly experienced designers are well equipped to understand your packaging needs and develop an all-rounded solution that covers all your packaging expectations for the product. Connect with us to begin crafting a memorable and efficient packaging solution for your product. 

Important Considerations When Designing Trade/Sample Kits 

The assessment and storytelling, however, begins when your customers first lay eyes on the product. How is the product presented? Does the packaging entice them to try the product, and does it communicate your brand story? These are all important considerations when designing trade/sample kits. 

Branding on Point 

For the trade/sample kit to make an impression from the very first contact with your customer, it must be a true reflection of your brand. Placing your logo on the packaging and keeping consistent with your overall branding (font, colours, etc.) will quickly affirm your business to the customers. These elements of the packaging are highly effective in facilitating brand recognition and awareness within your target audience. 

This is crucial for enhancing customer engagement and building a strong relationship with them. It further allows businesses to gather data about purchase journeys and consumer behaviour, their feedback and preferences. These factors are of high importance to businesses when launching new products in the market.  

A trend popularised during covid, using QR codes on packaging, has fast become an efficient technique to communicate directly with consumers using interactive content or surveys. Thus, fostering a deeper connection between the brand and its target audience. 

Some simple additions and design considerations for your kit packaging: 

  • Does the packaging protect the product? Based on the industry and nature of your product, you will need to factor in protection during transportation, against the weather and/or perishability.  
  • Does it clearly state what the product contains and the directions for use? This includes being transparent about the materials used, as well as guiding users toward how to best use the product.  
  • Is the packaging sustainable with instructions on best practices for recycling? If your business is environmentally conscious, it is recommended to choose eco-friendly materials for your products to show alignment with the cause. With the rise of ‘informed consumerism’ users have become conscious of their contribution towards environment preservation, therefore, prefer using products/brands that are environment-friendly.  

These will further reiterate the quality of your products and the user-first commitments of your business to the customers. And create a positive user journey from the very beginning, hence, increasing their likelihood of converting into a buyer. If you can accomplish this, it will serve as a great marketing and sales push for your new products in the initial stages. 

Customised Packaging 

Customized packaging can serve many purposes. By adding distinctions to the packaging, you can instill brand recognition and differentiation from competitors. It is an incredibly useful tool to convey your brand identity and why it is unique to consumers. 

Furthermore, if created whilst keeping the target audience in mind – the packaging will not only enhance the user experience but also make it memorable for them. This will further aid positive and favorable receptivity for your brand/product in the market.  

As a marketing tactic, packaging will repeatedly be useful across branding, content marketing, and awareness campaigns. 

Easy-to-Assemble and Cost-Effectiveness 

Production costs of packaging and packaging assembly time are two major considerations when launching a new product.  

Packaging considerations are often not included when businesses are developing and launching a new product. Many businesses encounter roadblocks later, as the product becomes popular and enjoys increases in demand. This can result in difficulties when upscaling the packaging to match the pace of growth.  

To avoid such problems, it is prudent to include packaging considerations in the initial stages of product development. Such as packaging should be: 

  • Easy and efficient for your team to assemble. 
  • Cost-friendly to the business. 
  • Scalable for the business through expansion and to serve a larger customer base.  

Trade/sample kits are a test of your end-to-end product journey. This ranges from its creation to how it is received by your customers. Packaging plays a key role in ensuring this journey is impactful and paves a smooth road to your product’s success.  

Our experienced designers have been delivering ‘on point’ sample kit packaging to our clients for more than 40 years, spanning various industries. We specialize in providing innovative packaging solutions that align with your marketing and efficiency requirements. Partner with us to create the optimal packaging solution for your business.  

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