Just a Glass Australia – An excitingly different drinking experience

Published 4 March 2021 | Case study
According to Just a Glass Australia founder Amber Duggan, her business was inspired by those times when you feel like savouring just a glass of quality wine, not a whole bottle.
PPI created vibrant custom packaging for Just a Glass Australia’s vegan piccolo wines.

Just a Glass Australia – An excitingly different drinking experience

According to Just a Glass Australia founder Amber Duggan, her business was inspired by those times when you feel like savouring just a glass of quality wine, not a whole bottle.

Officially launched in late 2020, Just a Glass is Australia’s first producer of premium vegan piccolo wines.

“Often we’d like to enjoy a selection of premium wines, not just one grape variety”, says Duggan. That’s where Just a Glass comes in. They create the perfect elevated wine experience. A curated offering sourced from the best local grapes results in quality wines bursting with character and a taste of something different.

Just a Glass Australia is proud to work with the very best producers in Victoria, and it shows. Not only are these local drops delicious, they’re also vegan and low preservative – for more of us to enjoy!

The Brief

A unique wine offering required equally unique packaging. Just a Glass had a superb vision and vivacious brand artwork created by Kasey Rainbow. Now they needed functional and visually stunning packaging to house their Curated Wine Box package, featuring six piccolo bottles.

Just a Glass Australia asked PPI to create a custom packaging solution that balanced form with function. The premium packaging had to look stunning, but also be robust enough to provide safe travel for six small glass bottles of high-end wine through the busy postal system.

PPI’s custom packaging solution ticked all the boxes for Just a Glass Australia.
PPI’s custom packaging solution ticked all the boxes for Just a Glass Australia.

Just a Glass also wanted to provide a point of difference on the market with their small bottle concept and ensure they stood out when seen in the retail, corporate or gifting sectors.

There were several key boxes to tick for this packaging solution to be deemed a success.

1. Protective solution to ensure safe transport through the busy postal system

“As part of Just a Glass Australia’s launch to market during COVID-19, it was important to find packaging that would protect our product from door to door through the postal system”, says Duggan.

2. Customised fit for six small piccolo wine bottles in one gift box

“As a six pack of piccolo wines, there wasn’t a ready made packaging option available, so we worked with the Production Packaging Innovations team for a bespoke tailored box.”

3. Vibrant printed exterior to match Just a Glass’s gorgeous bottles

Just a Glass had curated equisitely vibrant branding including Australian made artwork. We needed to ensure the package had a premium printed exterior of the highest quality that would look just as good as the curated bottles.

4. An elegant and exciting gift unboxing experience

As a premium product suitable for high-end retail, gifting and corporate markets, the package needed to look especially elegant and elevated. We needed the customers to be delighted during the unboxing experience.

The Solution

Our design expertise combined with Duggan’s vision was the perfect recipe to bring Just a Glass to life!

We met with the Just a Glass team half a dozen times to build a deep understanding of their product, their brand and their specific logistical needs. Our expert designers and engineers perfected the package through three iterations.

We developed a beautifully printed and elegantly gold foilled six-pack gift box with divider inserts as well as a shipper carton that mainly provides protection to the look and integrity of the gift box during transit.

In fact, it was the PPI team who suggested the gold foil logo to elevate the look of the gift box to the next level of luxury.

Our consultative approach and eagerness to achieve an amazing result through our design, art and print expertise produced a stunning result and a ‘wow factor opening experience’ for the customer.

“We worked through multiple samples to get the box fit and style just right”, says Duggan.

“It was collaborative in the sense that we were learning as a business how our product needed to be protected so the user experience would be positive, as well as ensuring the branding would stand out in the marketplace.”

The Results

According to Amber Duggan, incredible feedback on the product and the packaging flowed in fast. Within three days of the launch, Just a Glass had shipped their Curated Wine Box to ever state in Victoria – all arrived safe and sound, thanks to their customised protective packaging.

“We are so happy with the curated box that the team created, it is on brand as a premium product in the market and helped us set the tone of our product for launch.”Amber Duggan, Just a Glass Australia

Our packaging for Just a Glass is visually stunning inside and out.

“We are grateful to have found a team that has now become an extension of our own business.

We are incredibly proud to have worked with a local Australian manufacturing business, it is so important to us as a company that we support local industry from farming to packaging.” 

– Amber Duggan, Just a Glass Australia

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