Cardboard Packaging - Unparalleled Versatility

In recent years, innovation in corrugated packaging solutions has meant that superfluous layers of packaging material can now be eliminated, with the solution still delivering equal if not greater levels of structural durability and protection to the products housed inside.

Here are some great reasons why cardboard packaging is the way to go:


As a material, the structurally strong design that defines corrugated carton provides the perfect cushioning and stability for consumer products of almost any weight and size, protecting them during long distance freighting and often many rounds of handling. Most corrugated boxes include one layer of arched paper fluting sandwiched between two outer liners, and can vary greatly in size and thickness depending on the level of protection and resilience required.

Corrugated board also provides that physical barrier, helping to prevent moisture and other factors from reaching and affecting the product being transported. This is especially important when the product is food, or other sensitive materials such as medicine, electronics or chemicals. Corrugated cardboard provides a necessary barrier of protection and stability, allowing the product to be shipped from A to B with minimal damage or disturbance.


Lune custom packagingWith a broad range of board types, thicknesses, treatments, adhesives, coatings and even flame resistant features, corrugated packaging cartons provide a highly customisable and versatile option for shipping, packaging and storage needs for almost any industry.

The nature of cardboard is such that it can suit any product, and can be folded or bent into nearly any shape or configuration, to accommodate even the most specific of packaging requirements. The board provides a myriad of printing, embossing and other finishing options to allow branding and customisation, with the ability to easily print directly onto the carton, from single colour applications to high-resolution graphics. Anything you can do on paper, can be done on cardboard!

Logistically Efficient & Cost-effective

Corrugated cardboard boxes are one of the least expensive types of carton available. They do not cost a lot to manufacture and are fast and easy to fill. The material is also very lightweight, helping to keep freight costs at a minimum.

Additionally, corrugated cardboard delivers retail businesses a level of efficiency beyond compare. With the advent of shipper displays, products can now be boxed, shipped, unpacked and placed on the shelf, ready for sale all using the same packaging.

All in all, corrugated cardboard definitely stacks up as an eco-friendly, yet protective and economical logistics packaging solution. Its boundless versatility and potential for customisation make it the stand out option, with all other packaging materials yet to present a truly competitive alternative.

The team at Production Packaging Innovations supply an array of logistics and marketing packaging solutions to many industries. As problem solvers, we use a range of materials to ensure we provide only the best packaging solutions for our clients. Our team of design engineers can help you with an economical, safe, attractive and environmentally friendly product, custom designed to suit your needs.

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