Case Study – Ned Australian Whisky

PPI created custom protective packaging for Ned Australian Whisky, a premium whisky distilled in Campbellfield, Victoria.

PPI created custom protective packaging for Ned Australian Whisky, a premium whisky distilled in Campbellfield, Victoria.

Ned Australian Whisky – A fiercely independent Australian Whisky with a ‘never say die’ spirit

Ned Australian Whisky is an Australian whisky for everyone. Born from a desire to create a locally crafted whisky that’s unqiuely Australian, Ned Whisky is a fiercely independent entrant into the Australian spirits landscape.

The Ned Whisky story began just over six years ago with a sketch on a piece of paper in a Melbourne pub. That dream turned into the reality of an Australian whisky that reflects the Australian people.

Just like its namesake, Ned Whisky is a premium product which forges its own story on Australian land. The result: a whisky crafted using a proprietary mix of single malt and sour mash production techniques.

Ned Whisky made its debut on the Australian market in 2019 to great success. It seems that more and more Australians are joining the gang.

The Brief

Ned Australian Whisky is a inimitable drink, unlike anything that has come before it. Their packaging needs were equally as unique.

It’s no secret that online shopping is booming in Australia, particularly in the beer, wine and spirits sector. Ned Australian Whisky, like many other distilleries, has experienced increasing demand from avid at-home bartenders looking to shop online for bottles delivered directly to their homes.

Ned Australian Whisky asked Production Packaging Innovations to create a box which could be used to ship a single bottle of whisky direct to the consumer. There were several key characteristics that this custom single bottle packaging needed to meet.

1. A sturdy, protective package

PPI designed custom inserts to accommodate Ned Whisky’s unusually shaped bottle.

Without custom engineered protective packaging, careless handling of parcels presents a high risk of breakages in transit.

Ned Whisky asked PPI to create a protective packagng solution for their delicate glass bottles. In a busy mail or courier system, packages are often handled roughly during sorting and transit.

2. Accomodating a non standard bottle shape

The packaging needed to seamlessly accommodate the Ned Whisky bottle’s unusual bottle shape. While many brands of spirits follow commonly used bottle shapes and sizes, Ned’s unique Australian whisky is also thoroughly non standard in its bottle shape and size.

3. A branded unboxing experience

Ned Australian Whisky also asked PPI to create a sturdy yet stylish single bottle shipper that was visually appealing enough to double as a gift box. External printing was needed to ensure the package was as on brand as it was sturdy.

“We asked PPI to create a sturdy but stylish shipper carton that could also double as a gift box.” Matt Slade, Top Shelf International

4. A sustainable packaging solution

Plastic-free packaging that still actively protected and cushioned the product was a must for Ned Whisky.

5. Ease of assembly

We’ve all tried to assemble a piece of cardboard packaging that felt far more like a jigsaw puzzle than a box.

For Ned Whisky to be able to use the single bottle shipper in their fast paced environment, they needed a box that’s simple and easy to put together.

“It needed to be easy to assemble but durable enough to keep the bottle safe during transit.” Matt Slade, Top Shelf International

The Solution

Protective packaging is an absolutely crucial element of Ned Whisky’s journey from charred oak barrel to tumbler. Furthermore, as a limited batch whisky, each individually numbered bottle of Ned is precious cargo.

That’s why PPI engineered inbuilt crumple zones and superior structural integrity as part of the Ned Whisky single bottle mailer. An inner layer of custom engineered cardboard protects the bottle throughout the shipping process.

Just like the automotive safety feature first seen in Mercedes-Benz cars, crumple zones in packaging are designed to absorb impacts while keeping everything inside safe. A cardboard crumple zone is just as effective as polystyrene packing peanuts, with the added benefit of being fully sustainable and recyclable.

The Results

The inbuilt protection has been incredibly effective in getting Ned Whisky bottles to the consumer in one piece. A low to nil return rate proves that this custom designed packaging is a successful solution.

On the business side of things, the box has proven to be quick and easy to assemble with minimal fuss.

PPI’s custom packaging creates a branded unboxing experience, while the inner crumple zones provide unparalelled protection.

PPI’s custom packaging creates a branded unboxing experience, while the inner crumple zones provide unparalelled protection.

The end result is a custom engineered box which perfectly fits Ned Whisky’s unusual bottle shape. The simple yet elegant branding is printed directly on durable and sustainable cardboard, which makes for an exciting unboxing experience for the consumer.


“PPI was great to work with. They were responsive, creative and cost effective. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product!” Matt Slade, Top Shelf International

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