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Beautiful and practical, the perfect package

Beautiful and practical, the perfect package

Fig & Bloom is Melbourne’s only 5-star florist. They have grown a large following of loyal customers and they are continuing to grow. They’re not your traditional florist - they specialise in high-end, contemporary floral design inspired by founder Kellie Brown’s time in New York. With two beautiful storefronts, Fig & Bloom service many of their orders through their website, which means their bouquets are frequently required to travel through the postal service.

As they expand, Fig & Bloom have begun to offer gifts beyond bouquets, including wine, chocolates, candles, and vases. This new project required new packaging, so they asked us to create a box that would help deliver their bouquets and other giftware safely, and we were excited to take up the challenge.

We live in a world where it’s so easy to send someone a message – via Whatsapp or Facebook or SMS – but flowers are this very traditional way of sending a message that actually means something. And we love being a part of that.” – Dan Groch, Fig & Bloom Director

The Brief

Fig & Bloom needed a gift box that would allow them to pack floral arrangements and associated giftware in a safe and practical way. This was a new project for them, and the goal was to come up with a packaging solution that allows them to pack flowers and gifts in Melbourne and then ship them to Sydney and Brisbane on pallets, in bulk. Once arriving in their destination city, the flowers and gifts would then be distributed via couriers.

The packaging solution needed to be able to handle the rigours of the supply chain, protecting the delicate gifts inside, but it also needed to present beautifully to the final recipient of these beautiful bouquet gift boxes. This was a complex challenge, as flowers are prone to wilting when not placed in an optimal environment. Many of the accompanying gifts are fragile and various shapes and sizes, so the packaging had to be flexible.

The Solution

A number of meetings were held, both onsite at PPI and at Fig & Bloom. We came up with multiple versions of the box, and workshopped them with input from Fig & Bloom until we landed on the perfect design.

We created a beautiful, yet sturdy, gift mailer that showcases the contents and provides a fantastic unboxing experience for the end customer that is sure to make them go “wow”. The pack incorporates cardboard inserts for additional gift items, air vents to maintain flower freshness, and wonderful artwork to really impress.

“I love the new packaging, I’m just really excited to be able to show our customers.” – Amanda Jones, Fig & Bloom General Manager

Air vents allow the flowers to remain fresh

The Results

The final solution has greatly benefited Fig & Bloom in many ways, including:

  • Brand – The packaging has enhanced the branding through the beautiful artwork included in the design. It has also helped the brand expand into new markets as the box provides the protection necessary to allow for interstate transit.
  • Customers – The new packaging allows customers to easily select additional gifts available from Fig & Bloom to the bouquets they are purchasing, allowing them to create personalised and exciting gifts for whoever they like. The receiver will also have a better unboxing experience as the flowers they receive will be fresh and the additional gifts will be held in-place by custom inserts.
  • Sales – There is expected to be an increase in sales due to the ability to provide additional gifting items to new markets.
  • Operations – The incorporation of custom inserts reduces the need for additional packaging materials like bubble wrap, which decreases packing time, thus decreasing spend on materials, and it is better for the environment.

Custom inserts keep everything in place

Custom inserts keep everything in place


“Working with PPI’s designer, Azadeh Yousefi, was so easy. She is brilliant, she was able to create designs that fit our needs perfectly and when we needed to change things, she would adapt everything really well… I was so impatient once we had a final design, I just wanted to send them out immediately!” – Amanda Jones, Fig & Bloom General Manager

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