About Us

We take care of the packaging journey for you

We create custom cardboard packaging solutions designed to protect and enhance your product and brand. With in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we work in partnership with your business to engineer your perfect packaging outcome.

Our dedicated team of designers will customise a packaging solution tailored to meet the functional and design specifications of your product and brand. Industry knowledge and experience, combined with our commitment and care for your business ensures an optimal packaging solution will be delivered for the transportation or display of your products.

We are also experts in designing sustainable and environment-friendly packaging, we have empowered many businesses in confidently switching to sustainable packaging.

Our team is highly skilled in meeting all aspects of packaging needs and delivering a complete packaging solution. PPI will provide leading Packaging Solutions for your business.

Solutions designed to meet your needs


Minimise the cost of product damages
Products breaking during transport?
Need an eco-friendly solution for your inserts?

Retail Product

Enhance your customer experience
Do your products jump off the shelf?
Do you want to brand or rebrand your retail packaging?

Gift Box

Create a unique unboxing experience
Need to improve your product’s unboxing experience?
Do you require an eCommerce packaging solution?

Product Display

Strengthen exposure at point of sale
Looking to display your product in a way that visually echoes your brand?
Need a point-of-sale display stand that’s simple to assemble?


Deliver products efficiently and safely
Need heavy duty packaging?
Shipping oversized, overweight or oddly shaped goods?

Cartons & Mailers

Send products with ease
Need efficient packaging to ship products? Looking for a sustainable mailer option?

Our process

We work with you from start to finish to deliver a complete design solution

Give us a call

Share your packaging brief, challenges or any visual concepts you’ve collected and we’ll schedule a consultation to begin the design process.

Concept design & feasibility

Based on our consultation with you, we create an initial concept design that meets your requirements. We then make sure that the design is feasible and can be produced to fit within your budget.

Design & prototyping

Upon your approval of the initial design concept, we then complete a full design and prototype which will be presented to you for your review.

Final quoting

After you approve your prototype, we determine how to best produce your product in the most cost-effective manner and provide you with a pricing proposal.

Die-line & artwork

Following the quote approval, we provide a 2D representation of your design for you to overlay your artwork.

Final proof approval

We then review your art file to ensure it’s press-ready, finalise it with our production team and supply you a proof for final sign-off.

Production & delivery

After manufacturing begins delivery can be expected in about 3-4 weeks, depending on the size and scope of your project.

Our Commitment to Sustainability


Packaging needs are evolving fast to meet consumer expectations. The demand for sustainable, planet-friendly packaging is growing rapidly. Businesses across industries are working towards aligning themselves with the principles of sustainable development and growth. The switch to sustainable packaging solutions is proving key to helping businesses achieve sustainability goals and by doing so, strengthen their overall appeal to consumers.

As a pivotal player in the Australian packaging industry, we are conscious of the role and impact we have in driving this change across all the industries we work with. We specialise in custom packaging solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are committed to the well-being of the planet and are actively working towards lessening our waste production.

We help businesses every day achieve success through packaging and align themselves to the principles of responsible consumption and production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is PPI located?

We are headquartered at 3 Linmax Court, Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria 3030. We supply packaging to businesses Australia-wide. We are 100% Australian-owned and operated.

2. How is customised packaging better than stock packaging?

Customised packaging makes your product stand out to the consumers and fosters brand recognition. This positively impacts business growth and sales. Such an impact is hard to achieve with stock packaging because it doesn’t give you the same added advantage, it’s easy to miss and forget products with generic packaging. Stock packaging is not the most successful in protecting the product through the different stages of the delivery cycle. Customised packaging instead is built to meet the product needs, thus, helping avoid any costs associated with product damage.

3. Is sustainable packaging more costly than stock packaging?

There are many factors involved in determining the cost of your custom, sustainable packaging. Such as packaging requirements and materials used. In most cases, customised packaging will cost more than generic packaging due to the added efficiencies and advantages. However, these costs can be contained if the packaging is sourced in larger quantities. The impact of custom packaging on increased sales offsets the increased cost of packaging.

4. Does sustainable packaging compromise the strength and durability of packaging?

Not at all. With the advancements in technology and science, some of the sustainable packaging materials have proven to be sturdier than the conventional packaging materials. Additionally, design efficiencies can further ensure the durability of a sustainable packaging design.