How to Use Product Packaging to Communicate your Brand

Packaging today is so much more than just a container designed to carry your products safely from ‘A’ to ‘B.’ Your product’s packaging gives your business the opportunity to communicate several aspects about your brand to customers. While there are plenty of ways your packaging can be interpreted (depending on the style you choose and your customer base), it’s important to step back and understand what you can do to connect with your customers.

Here we’ve outlined 5 different ways you can use your packaging to communicate your brand’s identity:

1. Show What you Do

Your packaging should clearly communicate what your business does! You need to think about the core of your brand and what message you want to deliver to customers. Simple logos can be effective but if you also include a positioning statement, this ensures that you’re clearly conveying what you do for customers. For example, an organic food delivery service might use a ‘leaf’ in their logo to symbolise fresh goods. However, the explanation below their logo such as, “Fresh Organic Goods Delivered to Your Door,” let’s people know exactly what they provide.   

2. Tell your Story

This printed product packaging for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, uses a simple and effective image of a happy child to show what they do and stand for.Packaging has the power to inspire customers and ultimately influence them to purchase your products. This can be achieved through effective and engaging storytelling. While you can tell your brand’s story on your packaging through basic copywriting, you can also draw upon a multitude of features such as colour, shape, imagery and recyclability of the materials you use. Every element of your packaging speaks to customers and gives you the opportunity to create an effective ‘unboxing,’ experience.

3. Promote a Cause

Has your business vouched to be more environmentally sustainable? Or perhaps you partner with a local charity and donate a fixed sum with every product sold? Regardless of what you do, it’s important to showcase worthwhile attributes of your corporate social responsibility as this could be the differentiator between a customer purchasing your item over a competitor’s product.

4. Personalise Experiences

Personalising your packaging is a great way to connect customers to your brand and make it a more memorable purchasing experience! Coca-Cola’s iconic ‘Share a Coke,’ campaign was highly successful, enticing customers to find a bottle/can of coke with a familiar name on it and setting a global trend for more personal experiences with product packaging. But personalised experiences don’t always have to feature on the outside of your packaging. On the inside of your packaging, you can consider using personal notes, quotes or letters to enhance your customers’ experiences with your brand.

Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke,’ campaign still has head’s turning in the supermarkets across Australia with personalised bottles and cans!

5. Highlight your Customer Service

The way your packaging is put together highlights your standards of customer service. If your products are just thrown into boxes with some bubble wrap, this doesn’t reflect very well on your level of customer care! Organising your products in an efficient way with protective inserts alongside a customer satisfaction guarantee letter, reassures customers of your brand’s professionalism.

At Product Packaging Innovations, our in-house team of packaging designers and engineers will work with you to understand your packaging needs. We offer custom solutions that are creative, economical, protective and environmentally friendly.

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