Dsmile: Australia’s First At-Home Dental Health Subscription 

Published 22 June 2023 | Case study

Founded by Melbourne-based dentist Dr. Joseph Badr, Dsmile is Australia’s first subscription-based professional daily dental health kit. Using simple and elegant design, Dsmile’s refillable kits encourage people to turn their daily routine into a ritual – sustainably. Brushing, flossing and rinsing has never been easier or looked better! 

The Dsmile team came to us at Production Packaging Innovations to get their direct-to-consumer packaging right from the very start. Not only was the client satisfied with our solution, but this project also went on to receive the gold PIDA AWARD in 2022!   

The brief 

Dsmile came to us as a brand-new product offering, so we were starting with a blank canvas. This meant we could work closely together to achieve their packaging design non-negotiables. These included the packaging being: 

  • simple, practical and easy to open, to service their 45+ target market 
  • sustainable, to align with the brand’s ethos 
  • well-presented to build trust from the unboxing experience 
  • easy to assemble and ship. 

The solution 

Our team used cutting plotter technology to provide the Dsmile team with prototypes, so the packaging design was perfect before landing on the final design ready to hit the press. 

The final prototype we agreed on was simple, clever and sustainable – with an inner box with three sturdy layers of corrugated board inserts to keep the products in place, with a printed shipper box as a protective outer layer. 

To keep the products in place, the corrugated board inserts have thoughtful interior folds – fondly known as Corrugami. The middle layer contains places for each of the products, presenting them at eye level, which maintains a neat and tidy appearance during the unboxing. The top layer mirrors the middle layer and keeps the products in place during transit, while the bottom layer has a cavity to hold the tray to display the products. 

Simple, practical, easy to open 

We all know how frustrating a difficult-to-open package can be; hunting for the scissors can tarnish the excitement of a special delivery. This was an especially important factor for Dsmile, as they wanted the packaging to be accessible to a wide customer base – including people with limited dexterity.  

The front flap of the Dsmile shipper can be opened with one hand, easily revealing the inner box. The layers within the inner box have D-shaped cut-outs for easy lifting and to signal to the consumer that they need to lift each layer to reveal different product elements. (The D shape is also conveniently on brand!). 

In addition, the design of the product-holding middle layer contains platforms to prop each product up slightly. Having each product half in/half out allows for the products to be easily removed from the box.  



Sustainability is one of our core values at Dsmile– so it was important for both their team and ours that the packaging design reflected that. The Dsmile packaging uses 100% FSC certified materials and is made from 60% recycled materials. The packaging itself is 100% recyclable, and customers are able to simply dispose of it in their at-home wheely bin. 

We also used water-soluble and non-toxic ink for the box printing, and the leftover cardboard from the prototyping process was crushed, bailed and recycled. 


The unboxing experience is a great opportunity to gain customer loyalty – and Dsmile worked with our team to make the most of it.  

The outer shipper box was printed with their logo motif using our top-of-the-range Flexo printer. We also included Dsmile’s brand copy and product information on the inner box and inserts to tell their brand story and reassure customers that they made a good choice. 

The box itself is constructed from simple kraft. To create a lasting impression and to add a special look and feel, our designers debossed the logo. The simple black print is in line with the minimal product design of Dsmile’s dental products – harmoniously sustainable and elegant. 



Dsmile’s strategy is sending products direct to consumer – so keeping products protected on their journey through the mail was key.  

We used B-flute cardboard for the outer shipper box to provide extra protection for the pack overall. 

It was also important to effectively transport the packaging through the supply chain. We ensured the box dimensions were suitable for Dsmile’s courier, enabling more of their products to fit in a carton or pallet and reducing overall costs. 

When it came to the Dsmile team assembling the packaging inserts, we wanted it to be as seamless as possible. Our design team selected a high-quality E-flute board, which is both easy to fold and creases well, so the boxes and inserts always look as they were intended.  

The results 

The final packaging solution has ticked many boxes for Dsmile, including: 

  • Brand – The packaging is very on brand: it’s good looking and sustainable. The inclusion of branded messaging and a QR code allows customers to interact more with the brand. We were able to match the level of consideration and aesthetics of Dsmile’s great looking products, making for a great brand experience for their customers. 
  • Operations – Our packaging solution allows the Dsmile team to assemble the boxes quickly and easily, along with cutting costs for delivery. 
  • Customers – The packaging is simple for customers to open, ensuring a smooth unboxing experience.  

Ready to embark on your packaging journey? Our expert team here at Production Packaging Innovations specialise in designing and manufacturing product packaging to meet your e-commerce, marketing and logistics needs. Our in-house designers and engineers are onsite in Melbourne, ready to work with you to create the perfect packaging solution.  

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