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PPI created a standout retail display for Beacon Lighting’s new smart lighting starter kit.


Beacon Lighting — Smart technology collaborations to brighten up your home

The GE Imagine smart light starter kit enables voice controlled lighting for your home. Image courtesy of Beacon Lighting.

The GE Imagine smart light starter kit enables voice controlled lighting for your home. Image courtesy of Beacon Lighting.

Beacon Lighting is the leading national and international provider of innovative, technologically advanced, and energy-efficient lighting and cooling solutions that enhance their customers’ environments. 

Beacon Lighting asked Production Packaging Innovations to create a premium retail floor display for their latest innovation: The GE Imagine smart light starter kit.

This kit is an exciting collaboration featuring everything you require to get started with a smart home setup, including a GE Imagine smart bulb and a Google Nest Mini. 


The Brief

Beacon Lighting needed a standout premium retail display that would match the caliber of GE and Google, two high-end and well-known brands with prestige reputations.

PPI was tasked to create a retail display that balanced form with function – a beautiful yet immensely practical custom packaging solution

Beacon Lighting had a number of specific requirements to make this premium packaging a success.

Beacon Lighting

1. A double-sided design

Beacon asked PPI to create a double-sided floor display that would look great from any angle. There needed to be open shelves on two sides of the display, allowing customers to easily access the product from any angle and creating improved visibility in-store.

2. Environmentally friendly materials

Beacon Lighting takes issues of sustainability and environmental impact just as seriously as PPI does. Consequently, using sustainable and recyclable materials was an essential criterion for this packaging brief.

3. A design that could be flat packed for shipping

Storing and shipping packaging and shelving can be a bulky operation, so Beacon needed a design that could ship in a completely flat format. Flat packing for shipping lowers transport costs and frees up valuable storage space. 

4. An easy to assemble design

Because the retail display must ship flat, it also needed to be simple and easy to assemble once it arrives at its destination. Beacon Lighting needed a design their merchandising team could put together at the speed of light.

5. A cost-effective solution 

Premium display stands have the potential to put a strain on the budget, but not with PPI on the case. Beacon Lighting requested a cost-effective cardboard version of their existing ultra-premium wood and steel display stands. This cost-effective alternative needed to be cheaper and lighter than the original wood and steel displays, but still sturdy in design and stunning in visual appeal. 

6. A quick turnaround

Beacon came to PPI with a very tight lead time. We needed to implement intensive collaboration and consultation with the Beacon team to develop multiple prototypes in a very short timeframe. 


The Solution

Our design engineering team conducted extensive research to find a solution that would not only meet but exceed the brief. 

We met Beacon’s timeline challenge by fast-tracking the design consultation process to move through a number of stages in record time. We worked closely together with Beacon to create multiple prototypes until their needs were achieved and their expectations were surpassed. 

From the initial consultation, through the development stage and into the production and implementation of the solution, we ensured the Beacon team were well supported and informed.


The Results

We created a unique double-sided ultra-premium floor display that fulfilled all of Beacon Lighting’s requirements. The result was an innovative solution that was a ‘first’, for Production Packaging Innovations in several ways. 

The unusual two-sided display stand concept was a new custom design element. Unlike previous display stands created by PPI, which are designed to sit against a wall or aisle, our solution for Beacon Lighting acts as a stand-alone kiosk that can be featured in the middle of an aisle.

Our premium retail display solution for Beacon Lighting looks great no matter where you’re standing.


The seamless side design of this floor display is also a new innovation for PPI. The top quality design features no visible joins on the solid sides for a clear and unbroken view of the eye-catching artwork. 

PPI’s solution creates excellent visual differentiation, ease of access for customers, compact transport and quick assembly. The return on investment for this innovative solution is clear – an elevated experience for both staff and customers. 

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