Why now is the perfect time to upgrade your packaging for online orders

COVID-19 restrictions are causing an unprecedented boom in Australians shopping online.

Even before ‘seclusion shopping’ became the new norm, online sales have been skyrocketing for years. Now, millions of Australians transitioning to a work from home lifestyle has translated into an even bigger trend towards eCommerce.

The latest statistics show that eCommerce was up 80% year-on-year in the eight weeks after the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, according to a new report from Australia Post.

The report says 200,000 new households started shopping online in April 2020, making Easter 2020 the busiest period in Australian online shopping history.

Choosing the right packaging for your business has never been more crucial, as more customers receive products straight to their door than ever before.

Right now is the perfect time to step up your product packaging to make the most of the COVID-19 eCommerce boom.

1. Consumer behaviour is changing fast

Millions of consumers are changing their shopping habits at the same time and their needs are changing just as quickly. New shopping behaviours mean that now is the time for businesses to ensure their packaging is up to scratch.

Customers see your business through the lens of their delivery experience, so having the right packaging is key to removing friction from their experience of shopping with you.

A sea of shopping is flooding through cities and towns across the country in millions of unmarked boxes. In this new landscape, upgrading your packaging is key to standing out and staying on brand amongst every other cardboard box.

2. Custom solutions avoid damaged product

PPI can create customised packaging to make sure your products stand out in a crowd.In the era of online reviews, custom engineered protective packaging is crucial to ensure your product survives shipping without significant damage to your product or the user unboxing experience.

Production Packaging Innovations has an in-house design team who can engineer the perfect solution to ensure your online orders arrive undamaged and on brand.

3. The eCommerce boom is here to stay

Although COVID-19 is kicking the ecommerce boom into overdrive, the popularity of online shopping is much more than a passing trend.

Businesses are rethinking how central their traditional bricks and mortar presence is to their business model, because the experts are saying this trend is here to stay.

4. The second boom is coming

Businesses who take their ecommerce packaging seriously will find themselves well equipped to flourish the post-COVID landscape.

Professional services firm KPMG has compared the COVID-19 eCommerce boom to a similar shift that happened during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.

The GFC triggered a four-year eCommerce boom, according to a KPMG report. The firm predicts a second wave of eCommerce growth will happen as consumer confidence begins to recover post COVID-19, just as it did with the GFC.

Step one to making the most of the opportunity within the COVID-19 crisis is to make sure your packaging represents your brand and has the guts to get your products to their destination undamaged.

At PPI, our in-house team of packaging designers and engineers will work with you to understand your packaging needs. We offer custom solutions that are economical, protective and environmentally friendly.

Connect with us or call us now on 1800 25 8000 to book your FREE initial packaging consultation in Melbourne. We’ll work to ensure your packaging requirements are met, if not exceeded.

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